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Factors that can affect the market adoption of the ELECTRON solution

One of the objectives of the work performed in WP10 was to identify and prioritize the most important factors that can affect the market adoption of the ELECTRON solution. Towards that direction a road mapping activity has been implemented using the AHP method. Initially the most important criteria that are significant for the adoption of the ELECTRON solution have been identified in workshops and discussions with the experts within the consortium. The list of the final criteria is composed by the following:

  • Cybersecurity Features/Mechanisms
  • Energy Management Features/Mechanism
  • Cybersecurity Certification and Training Features
  • User Features / Acceptance

In the next step for each of the determined criteria a number of sub-criteria was identified.

The full hierarchy that has been created for the ELECTRON is presented in the following figure.

Hierarchy for ELECTRON solution

An online survey was conducted in order to collect the responses from the experts. The results revealed that there is no clear preference among the experts, the cybersecurity features and mechanisms have a weight of 28%, followed by the cybersecurity certification and training features that have a weight of 27%. The energy management features and mechanisms have a weight of 24% and the user features and acceptance have the lowest weight of 20%. The differences between the criteria are not high enough to reveal a strong preference among the different ELECTRON features. Experts seem to slightly valuate higher the two aspects related with cybersecurity followed by the energy management features that are the key aspects that the project is examining. User acceptance has lower valuation and one possible explanation is that the most important features for the experts are the technical offering and innovation of the ELECTRON platform. In other words, it seems that experts are more interested in the capabilities of the proposed solutions independently of the difficulty of their deployment and operation.

Weights of criteria

Regarding to the global sub-criteria classification the most important sub-criterion is the cyber-hygiene best practices and guidelines with a global weight of 8.3%, followed by the electrical grid restoration with a weight of 7.9% and strong encryption that has a weight of 7.6%. The aspects related with certification such as energy personnel and asset certification are included in the top 5 list with weights of 6.7% and 6.4% respectively.  The sub-criteria that have the lowest weight are the user interface with a weight of 2.9%, the flow-based approach with 2.7% and visualization with 2.6%.

Global weights of sub-criteria