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This project aims to develop innovative and advanced security and privacy management mechanisms and technologies that can seamlessly be integrated into various contexts and applications.


This project aims to solve critical obstacles considering “Security of Things” as core to the future IoT success. The project envisions developing a decentralized and contextual Trust and Identity Management Framework for resource-restricted IoT environments following a self-sovereign approach.


This project focuses on adding the trust ingredient to any business by making its ICT systems resilient to cyber-attacks. It will create a security shield through tools, methodologies, microservices and initial standards compatible with any ICT supply chain.


This project aims to help European CERTs/CSIRTs minimise the impact of cybersecurity and privacy risks as well as threats introduced by cyber-physical vulnerabilities in IoT platforms and adversarial attacks on AI provisions and their learning/decision-making algorithms.


This project focuses on enhancing the capabilities of organisations’ stakeholders, implementing (a) collaborative threat intelligence collection, analysis and sharing; (b) innovative risk analysis specifically designed for interconnected nodes of an industrial ecosystem; (c) cutting-edge trust and accountability mechanisms for data protection and (d) security awareness training for more informed security choices.


This project aims to bridge the security and personal data protection gap for European SMEs/MEs by raising awareness and boosting their capabilities in the domain through innovation at a cost-effective level.


This project tackles the identified gaps of data issues and black-box AI by designing and developing resilient accountable metrics, privacy-preserving methods, verification tools and system solutions that will serve as critical building blocks for trustworthy AI in ICT systems and cybersecurity.



This project aims to provide a holistic and effective digital Security & Privacy (S&P) framework comprising a set of novel and integrated tools and services co-created by citizens and stakeholders to identify, audit, analyse, prevent, and mitigate the impact of the various S&P threats associated with citizen’s digital activities in a timely manner, while enhancing software trust and regulatory compliance.