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ELECTRON International event in Baku, 5-7 Dec. 2022

Energy crisis and Cybersecurity are currently threatening the very existence of Europe and the world. In particular, the energy crisis has profound implications for international peace and stability.

Digitalizing critical infrastructure and the energy industry is at the core of all major initiatives, while cybersecurity awareness is rising now more than ever. Energy companies, providers, and services are highly vulnerable to cyberattacks, especially during the current energy crisis, but a structured approach that applies communication, organizational, and process frameworks can significantly reduce cyber-related risks.

ELECTRON is an ambitious H2020-funded project aiming at delivering a new-generation platform for electrical and power systems and infrastructure capable of empowering the resilience of energy systems against cyber, privacy, and data attacks. In the context of ELECTRON, this event aims to shed light on the most critical elements in energy cybersecurity while presenting modern solutions for protecting the energy and power systems from harmful actions and cyberattacks while empowering the digital culture of European citizens.

In parallel to “Energy Crisis and Cybersecurity” event, a hybrid hackathon will run. The main goal of this hybrid hackathon is to develop innovative approaches and solutions on protecting and securing energy-related cybersecurity systems.  You may find more information about the Hackathon Event by clicking down below.