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ALTER TECHNOLOGY is the leading provider of micro and optoelectronics services in engineering, procurement, assembly, and test in space and harsh environment markets. Our company develops and offers complete turn-key solutions covering front-end engineering test, wafer and dice probing and final test, as well as wafer sawing, packaging, and assembly. Our services also extend to equipment and systems testing and certification in fields like small satellites, drones, safety & security, transport, nuclear, etc. Our organization employs experts in testing, engineering, safety, electromagnetic compatibility, certification approvals, component engineers specialised in high reliability applications, inspectors, auditors and programme managers with wide experience in projects where quality, schedule and cost are the critical goals.

Role in the project

ALTER TECHNOLOGY will lead all the activities related with Task 7.4 of WP7, Design & Inauguration of the ELECTRON Cybersecurity Lighthouse. It will be initiated the action for the creation of the ELECTRON Cybersecurity Lighthouse to provide cybersecurity certification programs for design processes, devices, applications and systems. In addition, ALTER TECHNOLOGY will participate in the following WPs:

  • WP2 ELECTRON Architecture, Demonstration Scenarios and Security & Privacy Requirements 
  • WP3 Dynamic EPES Security Certification
  • WP6 AR/VR aided Cybersecurity Training & Certification in EPES
  • WP7 Energy Ecosystem Policies & Recommendations.
  • WP8 ELECTRON Integration & Testing.
  • WP9 Large-scale Demonstration & Pilot Implementation.
  • WP10 Dissemination, Exploitation & Clustering Activities.