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Public Power Corporation S.A.


PPC S.A. is the top energy producer and retailer company in Greece, having a total production capacity of 12.2 GW and approximately 6.9 million customers, currently operating 19 major thermal power plants, 18 hydro power plants, and 31 wind farms. Moreover, PPC is a Charge Point Operator (CPO) and E-Mobility Service Provider (EMSP), via DEI BLUE, owning a network of 350 Electric Vehicles (EVs) charging stations, aiming at 10.000 charging stations until 2025. The PPC Group consists of the parent company and the subsidiaries of Hellenic Distribution Network Operator, and PPC Renewables SA.

Role in the project

PPC leads Use Case 2 “Looking ahead: Providing a Resilient Electric Vehicle Ecosystem”, which demonstrates the capability of ELECTRON to shield EV charging networkfrom cyberthreats. Moreover, PPC delivers the SDN-enabled Control Unit prototypes, a set of tools that enhance the cybersecurity of smart grid devices (smart meters, Phasor Measurement Units, Remote Terminal Units and Programmable Logic Controllers), by leveraging Software Defined Network (SDN) technologies. Finally, PPC contributes to the elicitation of user requirements and to  the dissemination and exploitation activities.