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LOGOS Ricerca e Innovazione


LOGOS RI is a multidisciplinary not for profit research organization which main scope is to explore cutting edge and visionary research topics as well as to translate last science and technological breakthroughs in proof of principle/concepts to address real-world human needs. 

The main focus is on ResilienceSafety and Security in Human-Cyber-Physical Systems (e.g. smart city) bring its expertise in complex system analysis, safety and security assessment, protective security and integrated risk assessment, and so forth.  

LOGOS competences range from system desing, requirements elicitation, multi-formalism methods, feasibility study, fast prototyping, and a multidisciplinary based assessment method based on PESTEL. The technologies currently explored are Resilience Engineering, Blockchain, Distributed systems, Artificial Intelligence, IDS, etc. LOGOS is involved in the IEEE P2145 Blockchain / DLT Governance Standards development and in Hyperledger initiative  of Linux Foundation.  

LOGOS is leading the WG on Resilience of the European Integrated Mission Group on Security (IMG-S) and it is active on standardization activities as ISO TC307. It is the main organizer of the IEEE International Conference Cyber Security and Resilience 

Role in the project

LOGOS will mainly contribute to the ELECTRON partecipating in: 

  •  WP1 Project Management and Coordination  
  • WP2  ELECTRON Architecture, Demonstratiton Scenarios and Security & Privacy Requirements 
  • WP3 Collaborative Risk and Certification Framework for Energy Systems   
  • WP4 Next Generation EPES Cyber-defence & Protection 
  • WP5  Nanogrid Operations for Preventing & Mitigating Cyberattacks & Cascading Effects 
  • WP8 ELECTRON Integration & Testing   
  • WP9 Large-scale Demonstration & Pilot Implementation 
  • WP10 Dissemination, Exploitation & Clustering Activities