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JSC is the Distribution System Operator (DSO) in the Ivano-Frankivsk region (Ukraine); receives electricity from the United Energy System of Ukraine and from the Burshtyn Energy Island (TPP “Burshtyn”). The annual volume of electricity distributed by the company’s networks is over than 2,5 billion of kWh per year. The company distributes electricity to 555 thousands of consumers, including 532 thousand – the population of the region, and the others are – legal consumers. Our energy company operates over 24,5 thousands of kilometres overhead power lines with a voltage range 0,4-110 kV; 1,7 thousand kilometres of cable power lines and 6600 transformer substations (including 40 pcs. of 110 kV-substations and 91 pcs. of 35 kV-substations). In active operation there are 2440 circuit breakers at 10 kV, 455 circuit breakers at 35 kV and 75 circuit breakers on 110 kV range. Overall, 14,6 thousands of electrical feeders with 0,4 kV range. The total number of employees of the company is over 2700 people.

Role in the project

JSC will mainly contribute to the ELECTRON Romanian use cases. JSC participates in WP1 Project Management and Coordination, WP2 ELECTRON Architecture, Demonstration Scenarios and Security & Privacy Requirements and WP6 AR/VR-aided Cybersecurity Training & Certification in EPES. It also contributes to WP7 Energy Ecosystem Policies & Recommendations, WP8 ELECTRON Integration & Testing, WP9 Large-scale Demonstration & Pilot Implementation and WP10 Dissemination, Exploitation & Clustering Activities.