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Independent Power Transmission Operator S.A.


The Independent Power Transmission Operator S.A. (IPTO) operates as the Independent Transmission Operator of Greece in line with the provisions of EU Directive 2009/72/EC. The transmission system consists of 356 substations, 21 ultra-high voltage centers, and over 10.000 km of transmission lines (400kV and 150 kV). Our mission is the operation, control, maintenance and development of the Hellenic Electricity Transmission System, to ensure the country’s supply with electricity in an adequate, safe, efficient and reliable manner, as well as the operation of the electricity market for transactions outside the Day Ahead Scheduling, pursuant to the principles of transparency, equality and free competition.

Role in the project

IPTO participates as an end-user, with the role of defining requirements regarding cyber-security technical problems and potential physical threats that the tools will need to address. Additionally IPTO brings deep experience and knowledge regarding EPES and in particular islanding, grid restoration techniques and energy markets that could assist in the development of the relevant project tools. Along with PPC, IPTO participates in UC2, to test the interconnection of tools and their ability to respond to various kinds of threats.