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INCITES Consulting SA is an SME company established in Luxembourg. INCITES was founded on May 2013 and its main activities rely on  telecommunications  technoeconomics, regulatory  economics and policies,  demand forecasting, business and price modelling. The objectives of INCITES Consulting SA can be summarized as follows:

  1.  Consulting services regarding techno-economic analysis of ICT systems and services, demand and prices
    forecasting of ICT products and services, uncertainty management in telecom investment.
  2. Consulting services on regulatory economics and financial investments in ICT.
  3. Provision of consultancy services for the development of bottom-up and top-down models for telecommunication
    networks for regulators, government agencies, telecommunications providers and associations.
  4. Research on new business models and technoeconomics methodologies
  5. Development, operation, commercialization and support of specialized software tools and components for all
    the above purposes

Role in the project

INC is leading WP10 Dissemination, Exploitation & Clustering Activities and the tasks asociated with the Publicity,  Dissemination and Exploitation activities of the project. It will contribute to the roadmapping activity trying to identify the factors that can affect the market adoption of the project results. It will lead the exploitation activites towards the common exploitaton and will draft the overal strategy. It also participates in WP8 and WP9.