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International Hellenic University


The International Hellenic University (IHU) comprises of 7 Schools and 34 Departments. The headquarters are located in Thessaloniki, Greece and it includes four main campuses: two in Thessaloniki, one in Kavala, and one in Serres. IHU participates in the project through the Web Services and Information Security Lab (WeSIS) as well as the Advanced Educational Technologies and Mobile Applications Lab (AETMA) of the Department of Computer Science, School of Sciences located in Kavala, Greece. 

Role in the project

IHU has a key role in ELECTRON by leading Task 6.2 “EPES Cybersecurity Training Software & Modules”, which focuses on the implementation of the ELECTRON Training Platform as basis for all training processes and tools, creating extensions to AR/VR tools. IHU also contributes in ELECTRON requirements and architecture definition (WP2), participates in certification (WP3), privacy preserving, and anonymization (WP4) activities, and involves in network virtualization and slice management activities (WP5). The leading researcher Dr. Thomas Lagkas serves as Scientific Coordinator in ELECTRON.