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Enerfín Sociedad de Energía S.L.U.


ENERFIN is a subsidiary company from ELECNOR group, which is one of the major companies in Spain and it is focused on the global development, construction and operation of projects. Particularly, ENERFIN core activities are promotion, construction, operation and energy management of renewable power plants around the world.

ENERFIN has more than one thousand two hundred megawatts installed from wind power generation and energy storage systems. Our assets are located in Brazil, Canada and Spain, so we have a global vision of the renewable energy sector. In addition to the operation activities, we are developing more than five thousand megawatts of wind and solar power

Role in the project

ENERFÍN role in Electron project is the collaboration as an end-user. ENERFÍN will provide the knowledge in the operation of power plants and its asset in order to test the new procedures and technologies developed in the field of cybersecurity. Concretely, ENERFÍN will perform all the activities in COFRENTES wind farm which is located in Valencia (Spain).  

COFRENTES is the newest wind farm of the company. Its installed capacity is fifty megawatts, and it is composed of thirteen wind turbines from General Electric. The average generation of the wind farm is one hundred fifty-five gigawatt hour, which is equal to the annual power supply of sixty-four thousand residential loads.  

The wind farm is connected to the distribution power grid and it is digitally operated. In this sense, it is not necessary to have any crew at the location on a day-basis.