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Checkwatt provides solutions that help Swedish households and companies become smarter and more sustainable in their energy usage. Our first service EnergyInBalance was introduced in 2013 with the vision of achieving a balance between energy usage and production. Currently we are monitoring more about 5000 PV systems in real-time and also the electricity consumption on many of those buildings. New products and services are control systems for solar and battery storage assets that create a value for owners by using the assets for electricity grid stabilization and local peak shaving.

Role in the project

In the ELECTRON project, CheckWatt will create awareness in the Swedish Energy market about EPES vulnerabilities and relevant cyber defence measures. CheckWatt will also contribute to the project in terms of how these new RES assets are used for electricity grid stabilization. 

  • WP2:  Provides requirements in T2.1, T2.2 
  • Leader Task 2.3 Demonstration Scenarios, Evaluation Strategies & KPIs 
  • WP5 Contribution to Task 5.4 Decentralised Blockchain for Energy Exchanging 
  • WP6 Contribution to Task 6.1 Cyberhygiene Energy Stakeholders’ Input & Methodology 
  • WP9 Contributes to the pilot planning, implementation and evaluation