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iSolutions LLC is an R&D and innovation driven SME, founded in 2010, and it is one of the leading providers of ICT equipment and solutions in Ukraine for enterprise, government and academia, being digital transformation facilitator and cybersecurity agency, iSolutions delivers innovative solutions with a cross-domain impact.

We are an organizer of workshops and conferences, deliver keynotes at ranked conferences in Brussels, Seattle, Los Angeles, Oslo, London, Beijing.

We lead cybersecurity domains and divisions of Healthcare, Energy, Smart Cities in top clusters and think tanks of Ukraine — HiTech Office Ukraine, Industry 4.0 Ukraine, OASIS OPENC2, EU COST Action(AI for Digital Forensics), American Chamber,

Our team delivers cybersecurity, decision support, decisive analytics, multi-modal data fusion in numerous Horizon Europe, National and EEMEA region projects.

Role in the project

iSolutions being one of the leading Cybersecurity Agency in Ukraine will support the usecases in Ukraine and takes part in R&D activities for ELECTRON tools and integrated solutions.